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Matcha Green Tea – The Perfect Summer Drink

It might not feel like it just yet, but summer is fast approaching. Although Iced Matcha Green Tea might be the obvious choice for the warmer part of the year, even hot drinks can tell your body that it’s time to cool down. You might be surprised that there’s more than one way to enjoy the authentic flavour of Matcha in the summer months. From tasty Matcha Lattes to creamy Matcha Smoothies, there are plenty of ways to make the most of Matcha’s health benefits and unique taste.

Iced Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea latteTaking a less traditional approach, a newly popular way to enjoy Matcha is over ice. By adding flavours such as mint and lemon, it’s easy to enhance the distinctive taste of Matcha within this drink and make it all the more refreshing. Whilst an Iced Matcha is a wonderful drink to kick back with, many people choose to drink their Iced Matcha whilst on the go and take it with them whilst out and about. Taking an Iced Matcha to go isn’t just handy for helping out your schedule, it’s also a convenient way to take advantage of the nutritious benefits of Matcha. Amongst other powerful health positives, Matcha is known to help to speed up the metabolism, digesting food much faster than the normal rate.

Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha green tea latteThe distinctive taste of Matcha is one that people are often reluctant to try only to be pleasantly surprised when taking their first sip of this traditional Japanese beverage. Matcha’s bright and vibrant colour often leads people to assume that it has a bitter taste but it’s rich and creamy flavour quickly converts those that try it and proves that appearances aren’t everything. With cafes today serving perfectly poured and photogenic cups of Matcha Latte, you would presume that it is difficult to make this aesthetically pleasing drink in your own home, however, it couldn’t be easier.  After slowly spooning the lime green Matcha powder and sugar into a mug, carefully mix together with warm milk to eventually present the perfect blend of Matcha Latte. It’s even possible to make dairy free Matcha Lattes simply by using alternatives such as oat milk that create a similar texture and taste. As for keeping your Matcha Green Tea Latte vegan, most Matcha powers do not contain ingredients that would be unsuitable, but it can be a good idea to check.

Matcha Green Tea Smoothies

As a diverse ingredient, it’s not just citrus flavours that marry perfectly with the creamy taste of the Matcha, fruits such as strawberries and bananas also compliment its rich flavour. Creating a Matcha smoothie brings out some of the best parts of Matcha’s authentic taste whilst helping to make reach your five a day more achievable. Packing more fruit into a diet isn’t the only upside to having a Matcha Smoothie, this superfood helps to strengthen up an immune system thanks to its abundance of antioxidants and is even handy for using as part of a detox diet.

Matcha Mojito

From cosmopolitans to daiquiris, there are a handful of familiar faces on any cocktail menu. Taking a twist on a traditional favourite, the Matcha mojito is set to become a summer staple. The ingredients that go together to create a refreshing Matcha mojito don’t stray too far from the more well-known, original recipe. Alongside the usual partners of sugar and water, the syrup for a Matcha mojito adds just one teaspoon of Matcha powder to really enhance its flavour. Once mixed with tonic water, the Matcha mojito is ready to serve.

Eating Matcha

Matcha green tea latteMatcha can be enjoyed in more ways than one; its authentic flavour works equally as well for a delicious bite to eat as it does when creating refreshing drinks. During the summer months, a scoop of Matcha ice cream will provide the ultimate cooling comfort. Matcha powder can also be used when cooking as a healthier alternative to seasonings to create new and different flavours.

Create the perfect Matcha drink with authentic blends from Atelier Japan

All of the Matcha products that feature on the Atelier Japan website have been expertly blended to ensure that only the most authentic and delicious flavours come through when preparing one of the many ways to enjoy Matcha. Matcha isn’t the only traditional blend that is available to sample, either. From Brown Rice Tea to Hoji Cha, there is a whole range of beautifully flavoured, traditional Japanese blends to choose from.  
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