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This beautiful blend of tea is crafted so that it goes well with or without many different dishes of food. The finest ingredients have been put together to make this stunning green tea.



You can taste the special round taste and authentic flavour from this extraordinary tasting tea that is of the highest quality green tea SHIUN. This highest quality green tea bags SHIUN has been blended by our expert makers to taste like a luxury cup of green tea.

Marukyu-Koyamaen started to cultivate and manufacture tea in the village of Uji and Ogura in Kyoto in late 1600 led by their founder, Kyujiro Koyama. Over the last 400 years, Koyamaen have devoted themselves to producing the highest quality tea generation after generation. Koyamaen are one of the oldest established tea manufacturers in Uji; they supply their high-quality tea to many prestigious temples, shrines, and tea ceremony houses. Koyamaen have acquired a number of notable awards at the annual National Tea Competition in Japan. Since 1962, Koyamaen have won the highly-coveted first place award 21 times. Whilst preserving tradition, Koyamaen promote technologically innovative production techniques. In recent years, Koyamaen have been focusing on developing new products such as their patented Mizutate Ousu in which Matcha tea can be made with cold water.


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1 pack (3g×10 bags), Individual 100 bags

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