Fine Pure Silver Tea Pot | Precious Orb type


Our refined silver diamond shaped serving dishes come in a 5 piece set ensuring that there is enough to use when inviting family over, each piece is carefully engraved with one of the traditional Japanese flowers. These silver diamond shaped serving dishes have been perfectly handcrafted by one of our makers in Japan. These silver diamond shaped serving dishes have pointed edges so that they have a square design.


Our best selling refined Silver Orb-shaped kettle pot is handcrafted to perfection by one of our talented silversmiths for you to enjoy when making your perfect blend of Matcha tea with the handle being woven with fine bamboo as this is not a conductor of heat and will protect your hands from an uncomfortable circumstance. This Silver Orb-shaped kettle pot is our best selling piece as it is one of a kind and takes the longest to make.

Since the 1790s, and over seven generations, Kazariya-Ryo has worked as craftsmen of metallic ornaments in Kyoto. Within their metalcraft workshop, Kazariya-Ryo currently produce a range of items, such as tea sets and incense tools, using various metals of gold, silver, and copper. In 1900, the precise technology of 4th generation Takezuro became well-renowned both in Japan and overseas which led them to be given the name of “Chikuei-Do Eisin” by the Prince of Arisugawa-no-miya, a member of the Imperial Family of Japan. Since then, the name Chikuei-Do Eisin has lasted throughout the generations of Kazariya-Ryo through to the current seventh generation, Chikuei-Do Kaei.

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