Kyoto Pottery Sake Cup | Tokiwa(Pine Tree)-GUINOMI-


This fine Kyoto Pottery Sake Cup Tokiwa is perfectly matched to special occasions and resembles years of tradition in Japan as it features the traditional Japanese pine tree. Pair with the complementing Sake bottle for a stunning collection.”Tokiwa” is Pine tree and this is the symbol of “Eternal life”.


This Kyoto Pottery Green Rice Bowl Mishima Pattern is the earthy, warm tones give a truly comforting feel to this bowl. The features of Mishima are carved into the surface of the vessel and are decorated with clay embedded inside. Mishima pattern has been designed since 15 century in Japan. This design and pattern are one of the longest traditional ones for you. With green accents, this bowl has a vibrancy that contrasts perfectly with its texture. Each bowl is designed in a traditional style to bring more goodness into daily life.

Rokubeygama was opened in 1771 in the Gojyosaka area of Kyoto by its founder, Kiyomizu Rokubey. After 250 years, Rokubeygama is currently in its eighth generation and has become a well-respected family of artistic pottery. Following the rise in popularity of Kyo-yaki, the principals of each generation have since been creating pieces using this traditional technique. Under the supervision of the current owner Kiyomizu Rokubey, Rokubeygama continues to produce works that suit the modern lifestyle such as dishes, vases, ornaments, and tea sets.


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