Pure Silver Hand Sake Cup | Gourd Shaped


A perfect way to have your beautifully made Sake is to drink it from our pure silver Sake cup and additionally, this piece can be used as a cup to have your traditional Matcha from, just always remember that it is a conductor of heat, therefore, a cold alternative of Matcha would be more of the sensible approach.


Since the 1790s, and over seven generations, Kazariya-Ryo have worked as craftsmen of metallic ornaments in Kyoto. Within their metalcraft workshop, Kazariya-Ryo currently produce a range of items, such as tea sets and incense tools, using various metals of gold, silver, and copper. In 1900, the precise technology of 4th generation Takezuro became well-renowned both in Japan and overseas which led them to be given the name of “Chikuei-Do Eisin” by the Prince of Arisugawa-no-miya, a member of the Imperial Family of Japan. Since then, the name Chikuei-Do Eisin has lasted throughout the generations of Kazariya-Ryo through to the current seventh generation, Chikuei-Do Kaei.

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